Green Gram Split - Moong Dal: 500 g - Organic and no chemicals – Nirvapate
Green Gram Split - Moong Dal: 500 g - Organic Nirvapate Agro PVT LTD

Green Gram - Split - Moong Dal: 500 g - Organic

Nirvapate Agro PVT LTD

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This is in the split from... not the whole grain.

Edible Green Gram Unpolished from "Nirvapate Agro Pvt Ltd" Brand "Biokart", Also called as 'Pesalu' in Telugu.

Produced in a way where it's more Natural than Organic, which is called as 'PODU Vyavasaayam' in Telugu.

PODU is the type of agriculture in which the rural tribal people are adapting hills as their cultivating lands and grow the seasonal crops for their livelihood and trade in the local markets.

  • Organic green gram is made into split form
  • Easy to cook as well, Best for Dosa cuisine, having rich in taste and flavor
  • The unpolished black layer brings natural flavor and aroma to the cuisine
  • Moong dal is consumed mostly as a Summer dal as it is lighter and easier to digest
  • Vintage Farmers Moong Dal is also easier to sprout being an untreated whole gram
  • Unpolished - No polish means being closest to real natural dal without being subjected to undesired polishing processes.
  • Rich in Dietary Fibre: Dietary fiber is an effective way to control cholesterol levels.
  • Filled with Minerals.
  • Vacuum packed laminates to deliver optimal protection to the packed products and allows freshness and shelf life to last longer.

Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ): 500 Grams

Payment Terms:

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Contact Number: +91 7249850521
Address: 12, VSR Layout, AB Vajpayee Road, Channasandra Main Road, Kadugudi, Bangalore - 560067

Shipment Details

  • 1Kg item will be shipped to your Home
  • 25 Kg items must be collected from the nearest VRL Transport Hub

Shelf Life:

6 months if preserved in a air tight container without contact to moisture or wet bojects.


No preservents added.

Other Information:

Manufactured & Marketed by Nirvapate Agro Pvt Ltd under the brand name of "Nirvapate ".

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