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Organic Cultivation

Nirvapate adopts and promotes microbial cultivation methods by using 17 types of fungi and microbes, which are environmental friendly and play a predominant role in safeguarding the ecosystem. 

Preparation of Bio Fertilizers:
The farming community usually uses animal droppings as manure in the cultivation process. However direct use of this manure is not recommended as it takes 6 months to 1 year to decompose completely, hence this provides very low volumes of nutrients which are essential for the plants growth and yield. This raw manure also hosts many pathogens, nematodes and weed seeds which harm the plant root system and causes numerous diseases to the plants.

Nirvapate, treats the raw manure with various types of bacteria and fungi to generate fundamental, secondary and micro nutrients for the plants. This procedure also removes the pathogens, nematodes and weed seeds. The treated manure gets converted into bio fertilizer within 30 days. This works as a natural DAP with rich volumes of NPK and micro nutrients. This helps plants to grow faster and yield higher with excellent taste and fragrance.

Nirvapate uses desi cow dung, open grazed sheep droppings and millet husk to produce the bio fertilizers.

Mixing of Cow dung, Sheep dung and Millet husk:


Goshala - Malenadu, Ongole, Gir and Sahival desi cows:

Microbial Production Lab

Nirvapate produces mother culture of various fungi and microbes in large scale to meet the needs of their own farms and also helps the farmer community by offering the same at free of cost.

Nirvapate is committed to eradicate chemical usage in the cultivation process so that the nature can be saved, which helps to build good ecosystem that ultimately leads to the better and brighter society.

Growing Fungi Culture
Different types of fungus are grown in flour and soil for various benefits. They work as efficient natural pesticides and do soil cleaning by breaking the complex chemical compounds. The chemical fertilizers and pesticides used in the past leave hazardous residues in the soils which are gradually consumed by the plants and then gets into human body in the form of food and then causes dangerous diseases. These chemical residues can be removed from the soil with the help of fungus.


Application of Bio Fertilizers and Bio Micro Nutrients
Microbes treated manure works as the best bio fertilizer that also saves money to the farmers. They work efficiently than the chemical fertilizers and yields better results. The plant yield gives good taste and fragrance when organic fertilizers are used. This also protects humanbeing by giving good health. 

Manure converted into Organic Fertilizer after treating with Fungi and Microbes:

Preparation of Micro Neutrients
Micro neutrients are produced by using Navadhanyalu, Oil seeds, Fruits, Waste Decomposer and 10 types of microbes, whic are extracted from cowdung and urine. This is applied to the crops through spray and drip.

Farm Pics:

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Microbes Distribution Tank

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