Nirvapate Farmers - Organic Foods - The Dream Of Indian Farmers

  • Nov 15, 2018
  • By Kallam Hsr
Nirvapate practices and exercises agriculture. Irrigation is the most important agricultural input in India where rainfall is uncertain, unreliable and erratic. India cannot achieve sustained progress in agriculture unless and until more than half of the cropped area is brought under assured and right irrigation.
Nirvapate Expects Indian Farmers' Foot Prints
The major problems that today’s farmers face range from the scarcity of capital to inadequate warehouses, improper transport system, and the absence of an organized marketing system.  Farmers are forced to sell their produce immediately after harvest at low prices as dictated by the middlemen to fulfill their needs, commitments and pay their debts. Private traders and middlemen have been dominating the market and trading for many years. According to a survey, they end up taking huge profits ranging from 40% - 90% of the consumer price for different products in the market. In spite of many agencies like FCI, CWC, SWC and many schemes like The National grid of Rural godowns, etc. which are formed to support and encourage farmers in every aspect of farming, there are huge gaps in demand and supply of the farmer`s requirements for irrigation.
Nirvapate Farmers To Export Their Products
Nirvapate has come up with a solution for Indian Farming and irrigation culture. (To help solve some of the perennial problems that the Indian farming community has been facing for years.)
It’s primarily working towards impacting three main areas:
1. Controlling/reducing expenses,
2. Ensuring the crops,
3. Educating/training farmers.
To cater to the current needs, Nirvapate, in partnership with farmers, is focusing on growing Medicinal plants and raw materials for Pharmaceutical companies and millets for end consumers.
Nirvapate As A Social Enterprise
Nirvapate had structured itself as a social enterprise where the absolute beneficiary is the Indian Farmer in the entire system. It does not include any middlemen. Only Farmers and Nirvapate together run the show of producing goods and marketing them.
Nirvapate Organic Foods For Health Consciousness
Eradicating various kinds of health ailments like diabetes, cancers, high blood pressure through organic farming and nourishing our soil with rich nutrients forms the main aim of Nirvapate.
Nirvapate Millet Foods
Encouraging own produce by every individual and eating various combinations of food daily will prevent most of the diseases as said by Nirvapate scientists.
Nirvapate Organic Healthy Food
Are you aware that it is proven that a combination of leaves of Night-flowering plant (Nyctanthes arbor-arthritis), Guava leaves and peepal leaves along with millets in the daily diet treat about 18 types of cancers?
Nirvapate is also providing the necessary training and guidance to help the households grow a kitchen garden to prevent and treat lifestyle diseases and avoid hospital visits.
Nirvapate believes a Homemaker is the first doctor of society. She has to know and be aware of the diets and every individual should take responsibility of getting the right combinations of food for their family.