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Barnyard Millet Rice - Organic and Unpolished

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Fibre Rich and gluten free Barnyard Millet Rice is cultivated in natural way without using chemicals in Nirvapate owned farms and is marketed by Nirvapate Agro Pvt Ltd.

Barnyard Millet is also called as Kuthiravali in Tamil, Odalu in Telugu, Oodhalu in Kannada, Kavadapullu in Malayalam and Sanwa in Hindi.

Health Benefits and Contents of Barnyard Millets:

1) Low in calories: It is a good source of highly digestible protein and is least caloric dense compared to other cereals. Almost, one serving of barnyard millets (25g, raw) contains 75-83 calories and 1.5-1.9g of protein.

2) Low in glycemix index: The carbohydrate content in Barnyard Millet is quite low. Hence it can be recommended for patients with cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

3) Dietary fiber: It contains good amount of both soluble and insolube fiber. The content of fiber in this millet is highest compared to other millets; it is as high as 12.6% including soluble (4.2%) and insoluble (8.4%) fractions. It thus helps in preventing constipation, excess gas, bloating and cramping.

4) Gluten free: Like all millets, barnyard millet is also gluten-free.

5) Great source of iron: Some of its varieties have high amount of iron (18.6 mg in 100g of raw millet) which is the richest amongst all millets and cereal grains.

Barnyard Millet in diet:

It can be served as porridge or Kheer to six to eight-month-old babies, and as cheela, dosa, idlis for children above one year. Nirvapate also supplies its flour which is not easily available in the market. Whole barnyard millets are commonly used to prepare upma, khichdi and pulav.

      Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ): 1 Kg ( 1000 Grams)

      Shipment Details:

      • 1Kg item will be shipped to your Home
      • 25 Kg items must be collected from the nearest VRL Transport Hub

      Shelf Life:

      3 months if preserved in a air tight container without contact to moisture or wet bojects.


      No preservents added.

      Return or Refund Policy:

      Damaged items must be reported within one week from the date of receival. Send a mail to with photos attached, which shows the damage.


      Other Information:

      Manufactured & Marketed by Nirvapate Agro Pvt Ltd under the brand name of "BioKart"
      Best before 3 Months

      Watch the video of Dr Khadar Vali on the health benefits of Siridhanya or Millets

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